Foam Rubber Products is a company with a rich and storied history. The Company was founded in Detroit, MI by Adolf Lichter in 1948 to service the upholstery industry. Dating back to the early years, Foam Rubber was known as Lichter Rubber Products Co.

Led by Frank Nold in 1977, FRP developed the first approved seat design that passed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 222 for compartmentalization. FRP was the only company at the time that met these requirements and the Company’s name became synonymous with safety. From that point forward, FRP has been the leading foam supplier in the school bus industry.

Foam Rubber Products diversified markets through the years outside of the school bus industry to include office furniture, institutional and upholstery furniture, RV/transit seating and packaging. Foam Rubber has located 3 manufacturing facilities throughout the US to better serve its expanded customer base.