Bleacher Butty

Bleacher Butty

The Bleacher Butty is a vinyl coated foam seat cushion engineered to easily fit on a bleacher bench. It is produced from furniture grade polyurethane foam, then sprayed with a colored PVC coating used widely in the foam industry. This tough yet flexible coating creates a moisture barrier to most fliuds in addition to providing excellent puncture and abrasion resistance.

Looking for an alternative to traditional marketing and fundraising items? Compared to perishable items, the Bleacher Butty can provide hours of warm, dry comfort while showing support season after season especially during those late fall and early spring events and activities.

The Bleacher Butty is available in many colors and can be stenciled with any single color logo.


Frequently Asked Questions


What colors are available?

A wide variety of colors are currently available. If you desire a specific color pantone that is not
already available, we can provide a custom color match for an additional fee.

Can I specify a color?  

Yes. We can compare the specified color with the color pantones available. If the specified color
does not match any colors pantones available, we can provide a custom color match for an
additional fee.
How many colors can the logo be for screen printing?  

Currently screen printing can be only one color on the top and/or front surfaces.

Is there a minimum quantity?  

Yes, ALL cushions require a minimum of 50 pieces PER COLOR.

Can I buy cushions without a screen printed logo?  

Yes, cushions can be purchased without screen printing.

How long does an order take to be processed?  

Two to four weeks depending upon the color choice.  Orders of 200 or more may take longer.


Resistance tests & results

  • All purpose cleaner – very good
  • Urea (6% in H2O) – very good
  • Blood – very good
  • Machine oil – very good
  • Mineral oil – very good
  • Saline – very good
  • Iodine – very good
  • Gasoline – good
  • Acid (10% sulfuric in H2O) – very good